An emergency is a medical problem which needs to be treated immediately or on short notice. But how do you know whether a medical problem is an emergency? You can always call and consult with the nurse about your pets problem. The decision whether it can wait or needs to be attented immediately is not always easy. In case of doubt we will always ask you to come by with your pet.

In case of an emergency during opening hours always call to the clinic first. That way we can make sure there is a veterinarian available and prepare for your arrival.

Out-of-hours you call with 0900-22 22 456, your phone call will be forwarded to the local clinic that is on call. Most veterinary clinics in Den Haag and surrounding area work together in the cooperative 'Dierenartsen Kring Haaglanden'. Because we are part of that cooperative, our clients will always be able to have their pets treated in case of an emergency. 24/7 and 7 days a week. The clinic on call will also make sure to send us a report of your nightly or weekend visit, so we are up to date to treat your pet with any necessary follow up treatment or medication. When you call the emergency vet, they will determine by phone if you need to come in with your pet, or whether you can wait until the office hours of your regular veterinary clinic. But when necassary the emergency vet is available day and night. Do note, that the emergency vet can not make house calls. When you are in need of transportation, you can call the Dierenambulance (at additonal cost):

Dierenambulance Den Haag: 070-328 28 28

Please be aware that rates during out of hours will be higher than usual and the bill must be paid directly upon the consultation. If you have any medical records on hand and/or your pet uses medication, please bring those along to the emergency vet.



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