About us

For several decades there have been veterinarians at the clinic at the Oranjelaan in Rijswijk, offering health care to pets. Our veterinarians are specialised in the care for dogs, cats, rabbits and rodents.

We strive to give your pet(s) the best medical care possible by means of thorough medical knowledge, extensive facilities and good communication with you as the owner.
During our ample opening hours, including three days a week in the evenings, we take time and opportunity to go above and beyond in taking care of your pet. And that is the reason people from all around keep returning to our clinic. We serve clients from not only Rijswijk, Den Haag, Leidschendam and Voorburg, but also Nootdorp, Delft, the Westland and Zoetermeer.

We don't do quick vaccinations or cheap surgeries. The best possible care is what is most important to us. Vaccinations are chosen to fit with the health and lifestyle of your pet. And besides an intensive physical check-up, we address preventative care.
Surgeries are performed with comprehensive monitoring and safeguarding, to minimise the risks of anaesthesia. If necessary, your pet can stay in our Care Unit, either for short or long stay, and will be properly monitored of course. There is even een incubator available, to keep the smaller animals nice and warm.

Both our clinics, the main clinic in Rijswijk and the extension clinic in Voorburg, open Mondays to Fridays at 8 am. All our vets and nurses work alternating at both locations. Both clinics run on the same computer system. Your pets files are accessible in both clinics. So you can make your choice of either one of two locations, wherever you see fit  for an appointment or for over the counter sales. During opening hours we invite you to step in and inquire for advice or information about pet care. Also to buy food or medication, there are no specific times set for that.



Practice Rijswijk
Oranjelaan 72
2281 GH Rijswijk
070 - 3 900 800
Opening hours

Practice Voorburg
Parkweg 247
2271 BC Voorburg
070 - 3 862 210
Opening hours