House calls

Our veterinarians make house calls whenever it's very difficult to come to our practice. For example when your animal is petrified to come to our practice, if transportation is a problem or if your beloved animal needs te be euthanised.

House calls are usually scheduled on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, because we then have two veterinarians available. However, sometimes other (im)possibilities arise depending on the agenda and how busy it is at that moment. Please keep in mind that house calls are more expensive and the diagnostic and treatment possibilities of your animal are more limited. Sometimes it can still be necessary to come to the clinic. That's why we advice you to let us know exactly what the reason for the house call is.

If, for any reason, a house call is not an option for you, you can also contact The Animal Nanny or the Dierenambulance  for transportation to and from our clinic and/or for help in getting your pet in the pet carrier.



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