In Dutch a supporting staff member at a veterinary clinic is generally called an assistant ('assistente').
But there are actually two types of assistants: a regular veterinary assistant ('dierenartsassistente') and a 'paraveterinair (or 'paraveterinair assistente').
An assistant who is also a 'paraveterinair' has had an extended education and can be compared to a veterinary technician or a veterinary nurse.
Our clinic only works with assistants who are qualified as a 'paraveterinair' too, because a 'paraveterinair' has more extended knowledge and skills, and is also legally allowed to perform more tasks than a regular veterinary assistant.
In the most commonly found 'smaller' animal clinics, you will find that the assistants will perform any supporting task. Which can be answering the phone, cleaning, covering the front desk, but also taking care of admitted patients, assisting the veterinarian in surgery, guarding anesthesia etc

Our assistants:

Judith Renaud                                               Daphna de Wit         

Michelle Dissel                                             Tamara van Rijt

Amber Bakkenes



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