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Our prices

If you want to know how much a product costs or if you want a quote for a treatment, you can ask the assistant. You will not find a price list on our website or in our clinic. Our prices are subject to constant change. Purchasing discounts or for example expiring patents can lower prices, while VAT increases and price increases due to expensive raw materials can raise the price.

Vets in the Netherlands are allowed to set their own prices. So comparing prices before choosing a vet seems logical. But if you call several vets and ask them all the price of a specific treatment, you are unconsciously comparing apples and oranges. Choosing a veterinarian based on price is therefore not advisable. 

As many different clinics and practices exist, so many differences can be found in prices. Prices are determined, among other things, by the costs that are made for a product or service. These costs can differ enormously between vets. Think for example about the costs of the building (not only the size or location but also big city versus countryside can make a big difference), the facilities in the building, the (further) training of veterinarians and assistants, the facilities in the field of surgery/admission/diagnostics, the quality of the products and services provided, the purchasing power of the practice (a big clinic can negotiate more discounts than a small one), the presence of an emergency service, etc.

In addition, each veterinarian calculates their margins in their own way. Where one vet charges cheap consultations, but for example more expensive operations, another vet prefers a more expensive consultation and low medicine prices. 

What do you get for the price that is asked for a product or service? For example, the price of food or medicine may be low at one place, but you have to pick it up at set times instead of all day. This kind of 'service' is part of the product, and therefore part of the price.   

Do you know exactly which medication and techniques your vet uses during surgery? More safety, for example, means higher costs, therefore higher prices. A heart monitor, artificial respiration and an assistant who assists your animal during surgery entail higher costs. But you probably also like the fact that your animal is watched over with extra care.

So you see, the structure of prices is very complex, and so is comparing prices. We think it is much more important that you base your choice on experience and information about the services and products offered. We hope this website will help you do that.

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