Huisdieren ZorgPlan

Preventative care

In oktober 2017 we started with the Huisdieren Zorgplan.

What is the Huisdieren Zorgplan?

The Huisdieren Zorgplan is a cost-effective preventative care plan for your cat or dog's routine healthcare.
The annual vaccination1 for protection against diseases and infections. And deworming and anti-flea and/or tick prevention to keep your pet free from parasites that can transmit nasty diseases.
In addition, the Pet Care Plan includes extra health checks and you get extra discounts on our other products and services2.

Each quarter you will receive a reminder by email that you can pick up the quarterly package with antiparasitics. You remain free to choose from the various products in our range.
Every year, you will receive the call for a vaccination and, in between, you can come to the vet for a semi-annual health check.
And that's not all, you can also make an appointment with the assistant. For example, for an extra dental check or nail clipping.

A chip for identification is obligatory for every animal that participates in the Huisdieren ZorgPlan. But if your pet still needs to be microchipped, as a participant it costs only €20, including registration!

Are you interested? Come along or request the flyer for your pet by email. There are six plans. A Huisdieren ZorgPlan for the cat and for the dog the plans are divided into weight classes.

The Huisdieren ZorgPlan can only be concluded at the practice itself, as a contract must be signed and the first monthly instalment paid at the counter.

As a new participant you initially take out the plan for a year, after that it can be cancelled monthly. After conclusion, you are always entitled to the statutory cooling-off period of two weeks.

1 Only the annual vaccination is covered by the plan, additional vaccinations such as Kennel Cough or Rabies still need to be paid for. You will of course receive a discount on these additional vaccinations if you are a participant in the Huisdieren ZorgPlan.

2 With the exception of food.

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