Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.

Information and advice

Consult our veterinary nurses

For questions and advice you can always contact our assistants. By phone, at the counter, but also by email. Sometimes the assistant will not be able to answer your question immediately or give you advice. After consulting with the veterinarian, we will contact you at a later time. When it is very busy, it may happen that (if the question is not urgent of course) we are not able to answer it on the same day. We hope for your understanding.

Telephone number location Rijswijk: 070 - 3 900 800

Telephone number location Voorburg: 070 - 3 862 210

Email: or via the contact form on this website.

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