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A health insurance for your pet

You would probably rather not think about it, but your pet could one day become seriously ill or have an accident. The costs of examination, treatment, possibly surgery and hospitalisation can quickly mount up. And what about when you are referred to a specialist? Nowadays, a lot is possible in the veterinary field, but how annoying would it be if you had to let the decision about the treatment of your pet depend on the costs!

Fortunately, dogs, cats and rabbits can be insured these days. Just like for ourselves, there are health insurance schemes. A basic insurance usually covers a large part of the costs incurred in case of illness or accident. By means of additional packages you can extend the coverage further. Before taking out insurance, it is a good idea to compare the various companies and packages with each other. As with insurance for ourselves, there are large differences in the extent of coverage, the amount of the co-payment and the exclusions. For example, certain breeds may exclude some hereditary diseases. Compare the policy conditions carefully and decide which type of insurance best suits your (financial) situation and your pet. But PLEASE BE AWARE of comparison sites! Rather compare the information on the insurers' websites. It has been shown that the information on comparison sites is often not up to date and sometimes even wrong!

One insurer that we have had good experiences with is Petplan. But OHRA and PetSecur among others, also offer pet insurance.

More and more insurance companies are offering pet insurance. Prices and coverage can vary greatly. Keep in mind that a cheaper premium usually means lower coverage.

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