Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.

Making an appointment

An appointment for the consultation hour

You can make an appointment for your pet by telephone or at the counter. Please have the following information ready for us:

  • Reason
    When making the appointment, the assistant will always ask the reason for your visit. With this information, we try to estimate the time needed in order to avoid waiting as much as possible. We can never completely prevent appointments from running late. You can help us to prevent waiting time for yourself and others as much as possible by stating the reason for your visit as clearly as possible. 

    For example, you make an appointment for the annual check-up and vaccination, but your dog also has problems with his ears and in addition a lump that you do not trust, tell this also to the assistant when you make the appointment.

  • Preferred veterinarian
    If you have a preference for a particular vet, you can indicate this when making the appointment. We will then do our best to find a suitable time at the vet of your choice. In case of an emergency it may happen that we are unable to meet your wishes.
  • Preferences and timings
    We will always try to find a time that is convenient for you. However, we hope you will understand that we are also dependent on schedules and staffing. Please ask the assistant for the possibilities.
  • Preferred location
    Your animal's details are known at both practices, so you can indicate your preference for one or the other, even if you have called the number of the other practice. When it is busy, the phone of one practice can be transferred to the other practice. Our assistants can access the agenda of both practices from both locations. That is why the assistant may ask you for which location you want to make an appointment. If, for example, the Parkweg surgery is full, you may be asked if you are able to come the Oranjelaan and vice versa.


At the practice at Parkweg in Voorburg, we only hold consulting hours. Appointments for operations, X-rays, dental treatment etc. are always at Oranjelaan in Rijswijk.

Cancelling appointments

If you cannot come to your appointment, please call us in time to cancel or reschedule.

Do you wish to cancel an appointment by e-mail? This must be done at least 24 hours in advance within our working hours. If you do not show up at an appointment without cancelling (on time), a consultation can still be charged for!

By email

Unfortunately it is not possible to schedule appointments by email. With the exception of clients who are hearing impaired and cannot call.

Telephone number​ location Rijswijk: 070 - 3 900 800
Telephone number​ location Voorburg: 070 - 3 862 210

Vervoer naar de praktijk

ALWAYS transport cats in a cat carrier. No matter how easy and sweet your cat is and how it lets itself be carried, whether or not in a harness, in a strange environment surrounded by other animals, it can still react unpredictably. Or other animals may react unexpectedly to your cat. To prevent accidents, cats in the waiting room should always be in a properly locked carrier. And dogs should always be kept on a leash until they are in the consulting room.

If you do not have a basket, you can borrow one from the practice free of charge. Please return it, cleaned, as soon as possible after the appointment.

Do you have any problems arranging transport for yourself and your pet to the practice, for example because you have difficulty walking, you don't own a car, or the taxi refuses to carry pets etc.? Then you can call in the Dierenambulance (animal ambulance). Of course there are costs involved.

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