Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.

Facilities Rijswijk

  • Waiting room
  • Counter with pharmacy
  • Treatment room
  • Laboratory
  • Preparation
  • Operating theatre
  • X-ray room
  • Hospitalisation
  • Stockroom
  • Kitchen

Waiting room

The waiting room has ample seating and if you unexpectedly have to wait a bit longer, you can get a cup of coffee or tea from the vending machine. If you are with your dog, it may be weighed in the waiting room. Tell the assistant the weight so that she can enter it into the computer. If you come in for the vaccination of your animal, you can hand in the passports at the counter.

Counter with pharmacy

Our pharmacy is well stocked with the most commonly used medications, parasite agents and care products. If we do not have something in stock, it can always be ordered and in most cases will be delivered within a few days. The assistant is there for all your questions.

Treatment room

In the treatment room, the veterinarian will examine your animal. The examination table can be raised and lowered electrically, so there is no need to lift your dog. Cats (and puppies) are weighed in the room on small scales.


Our laboratory room contains various diagnostic equipment for the most common examinations. Blood, urine, skin scrapings and faeces can be examined here. The great advantage of having this diagnostic equipment at the practice is that we can get the results the same day. Often you can even wait for it! This reduces the need to use the external laboratory in Utrecht, although in most cases they also send the results within one to two working days.


The preparation room is the area where we prepare animals for surgery, for example by shaving and washing them. The preparation room is also the room where dental treatments take place. For this we have, among other things, a special dental unit, an ultrasonic tartar removal unit, gas anaesthesia and heart monitoring available. In the small kitchen we clean all instruments and have an autoclave.

The preparation room contains small holding pens for animals that will be going home on the same day, an ultrasound machine and an incubator. Although we do not yet use the ultrasound for diagnosis, we do use it to determine pregnancy or to perform a bladder puncture. The incubator is for the admission of (small) animals that require warmth and/or oxygen.
When it is busy, the preparation room is sometimes used as a second treatment room.

Operating theatre

Our operating theatre has space to perform two operations simultaneously, only if necessary. Gas narcosis equipment allows us to ventilate animals, ECG allows us to monitor heart rate and respiration accurately during surgery. We are extensively equipped with, among others, an additional oxygen generator, radiosurgery equipment, heat mats and a wide range of instruments.
In front of the operating theatre, there is a laundry room, where the veterinarians prepare for the operation.

X-ray room

Here we take and develop the X-rays, so that they can be immediately assessed by the veterinarian.


In the hospital we have several (larger) pens for animals that need to be hospitalised for more than one day. If necessary, there is an oxygen generator to provide an animal with extra oxygen and infusion pumps to administer fluids. Heat mats keep our patients warm when they cannot control their own body temperature. And we can support stuffy animals by giving extra oxygen through the oxygen generator.


For many conditions, nutrition can remedy/prevent problems or support healing. This means that we stock a wide variety of dietary foods. We mainly use the diets of Royal Canin, Hill's, Trovet and Sanimed. The most common diets are always in stock, other brands/sizes/types of food are available on order.


The kitchen is used as a canteen. But the washing machine is of also often running here all day long. There are a lot of towels/clothing/operative drapes going around in a veterinary clinic!

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