Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.


  • Waiting room
  • Counter with pharmacy
  • Large treatment room
  • Laboratory
  • Second smaller treatment room
  • Minor hospitalisation
  • Stockroom

Waiting room

The waiting room is equipped with ample seating. If you are with your dog, it may be weighed in the waiting room. Tell the assistant the weight and she will put it into the computer. If you come for the vaccination of your animal, you can hand in the passports at the counter.

Counter with pharmacy

Our pharmacy is stocked with the most commonly used medicines, parasite agents and care products. The stock at this branch is somewhat more limited, but can be replenished daily from Rijswijk.

Large treatment room

In the treatment room, the veterinarian will examine your animal. The examination table can be raised and lowered electrically, so there is no need to lift your dog. Cats (and puppies) are weighed in the room on small scales.


Our laboratory room contains various diagnostic equipment for the most common examinations. Blood, urine, skin scrapings and faeces can be examined here. The great advantage of having this diagnostic equipment at the practice is that we can get the results the same day. Often you can even wait for it! This way, we don't have to use the external laboratory in Utrecht so often, although they also send the results within one to two working days in most cases.

The dependance does not have all the equipment that the clinic at Oranjelaan has. But because vets and/or assistants travel between the two locations every day, we can always perform the required tests on the samples taken the same day.

Second smaller treatment room

The dependance has a small second treatment room. This is mainly used for euthanasia during consultations. Owners then have all the peace and quiet they need to say goodbye to their animal, while the veterinarian can help another animal in the large treatment room.

Minor hospitalisation

For emergencies, we have a small hospital room, where we also have an oxygen generator available. However, if an animal needs to be admitted (for a long time), we will always do this at Oranjelaan, as we have more facilities there.


For many conditions, nutrition can remedy/prevent problems or support healing. This means that we stock a wide variety of dietetic foods. We mainly use the diets of Royal Canin, Hill's, Trovet and Forza10 (formerly Sanypet). The most common diets are always in stock, other brands/sizes/types of food are available on order.

The stock in Voorburg is more limited than in Rijswijk. If you want to make sure that you don't visit us for nothing, you can always call in advance so that we can separate the food for you and have it delivered from the Oranjelaan to the Parkweg if necessary.

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