Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.


Information for emergency cases

An emergency is a medical problem that cannot wait (long). But when can it wait and when do you have to bring your pet to the clinic right away? Of course you can always call to discuss this with the assistant. The decision whether to wait or visit is not always easy, so when in doubt we will always ask you to come along.

Outside opening hours, you can call the emergency number 0900 - 22 22 456. You will then be connected to the veterinarian who is on duty at that moment. Maybe advice by phone is enough, or it can wait until the next working day when your own vet is available again. But if it is really necessary you can contact the veterinarian on duty day and night. A veterinarian on duty cannot make house calls, so you will have to bring your animal to the practice in question. If you don't have transport you can call the animal ambulance.

Dierenambulance Den Haag (animal ambulance): 070 - 328 28 28

Please note that the fees are higher during the emergency service and that you have to pay immediately. If you have medical information about your animal and/or if your animal is on medication, please take this along to the vet on duty.

Examples of emergencies