Drs. Saskia Engmann-van den Brink


Drs. Saskia Engmann-van den Brink
Drs. Saskia Engmann-van den Brink Veterinarian

My name is Saskia Engmann-van den Brink and I have been a veterinarian for 15 years now.
I studied at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Utrecht with great pleasure.
After my internships, during which we learned to treat all kinds of animals (both farm animals and pets and special animals) in the various university clinics, and only during the last few months I chose the direction 'pets', I started working in various pet practices in 1998.
I gained experience for four years in animal clinics in Zwolle, Spijkenisse, Rotterdam and Schiedam, before my husband and I took over this practice in 2002 from the owner at the time.
We named our practice after the neighbourhood: "Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael".

What I like about my job is the variety of treatments that you can and may do as a vet, you do consultations, make X-rays, treat internist patients, do dental treatments and I like to bring a more difficult operation to a neat and good end.
The fine contact I have with many of my "owners" and "pets" is very dear to me!

I live with my husband and two children next to the practice and have a very naughty, messy dog, Biscuit, and a beautiful cat, Sientje, which we raised with a bottle.
My animals have both served as models for a few of the photos on this website.
By the way, all the pictures on the website were taken by ourselves (vets and veterinary assistants), mostly of our own animals, Sientje -for instance- is the pretty one you see when you open the homepage of our site.