Daphna de Wit

Veterinary nurse

Daphna de Wit
Daphna de Wit Veterinary nurse

My name is Daphna de Wit and I have been working as a veterinary nurse at Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael since 2011.

After having studied Biology for one and a half years at Leiden University, I started the animal care training at Holland College in Maasland in 2001. In the third year I could start with the paraveterinair course.
I obtained both diplomas in 2005. Especially the internships at pet shops, boarding houses, at children's farms, at a sheep farm etc. I think back to with a lot of pleasure.
Unfortunately, I was not able to start working as a veterinary nurse straight away. So I did administrative work for a few more years. In 2010, however, I managed to get a job as a veterinary nurse through a veterinary employment agency. After working at several practices in the region of The Hague, I could finally settle at Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael.

Just before I started working at Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael, I got married. Together with my husband we have two 'cat children': Tara and Elske. Although I have had many different kinds of pets in my life, I am a real 'cat person'. At the clinic, my colleagues know that I don't shy away from 'aggressive tiptoes' and I find it a challenge to help an examination or treatment go as calmly and smoothly as possible, even for a stressed-out cat.
Besides the daily activities at the practice, I manage the content of this website and our facebook page. And since 2017 I am part of the sounding board group of the webshop VoorMijnDier (My Animal), of which we are a member. Together with other vets and assistants, we advise the webshop on its product range and write recommendations and blogs.

In this picture I am standing with my Ragdoll Amy, she unfortunately passed away on 1 January 2015.