Judith Renaud

Veterinary nurse

Judith Renaud
Judith Renaud Veterinary nurse

Hello, my name is Judith Renaud and I have been working as a paraveterinairy assistant at Dierenkliniek Leeuwendael since 2006. I completed my training as a paraveterinairy assistant in Hardenberg. During this four-year course I also received my animal care diploma. After receiving my diplomas in 2005 I continued to do voluntary work at Serpo, a reptile zoo in Delft.

During this period I applied at veterinary practices. In the meantime I also worked through a temporary agency and for a few months at an animal clinic in Delft. In February 2006 I started working at Leeuwendael and, after all these years, I still enjoy working here.

I myself have had a very diverse set of pets, currently this number has shrunk to two border collies, which will remain for the time being (although with me you never know ;-)).

In June 2015, there was some change in our family. We had to say goodbye to Fester and welcomed Fouzza. In the meantime, two more guinea pigs joined us.

When Djenga grew a little older and we wanted a smaller age difference with Fouzza and our next dog, we added our third Border Collie to our pack at the end of 2017.  She is a sable-coloured lady and is called Kyla.

2018 has been a sad year. Both guinea pig brothers died and on the last Friday of the year we had to say goodbye to Djenga. We did manage to rehome two fluffy guinea pig brothers, but our pack is down to two Border Collies.

With Kyla I follow agility training on Mondays. I really enjoy doing this. Furthermore, I regularly follow refresher courses and workshops, some of which Fouzza and Kyla are happy to attend. Dexter is my regular guest, my 'godchild', I have a great time with my pack of borders.

Besides all the work in the practice I manage, together with my colleague Daphna, this website and our facebook page. In my spare time I really enjoy drawing animals. Some of my creations can be found on this website.