Please note: as of December 1st, for questions about your pet's care, please contact Pets Health Den Haag on 070 - 369 42 40.


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The vets are responsible for all medical matters regarding the animals that visit our clinic. They examine the animals, make a diagnosis and draw up a treatment plan, which they also carry out whenever possible. For example, administering medication or performing surgery. Information and advice, for example on behaviour or preventive care, is also an important part of their duties.

Our vets have extensive experience and can do more than just the 'standard' care and operations. In most cases, they can perform complicated surgery on an eye, for example, or remove tumours from organs themselves. This means that you are less likely to be referred to a specialist. Curious about what our vets do? Take a look at the news page on this website, or at our facebook page.

Veterinairy nurses

The veterinairy nurses are responsible for everything except the tasks of the veterinarian.
Within our practice every assistant has the widest possible range of tasks: making food and medicine orders, carrying out laboratory research, answering the phone, scheduling appointments, advising owners about food/medication/care and behaviour, assisting during operations, assisting during consultations, and cleaning up are also part of the job. It is not for nothing that a veterinary nurse is also called 'a jack-of-all-trades in the practice'.